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Art galleries in Minorca

Art galleries

And Artists' studios

Plan a route to visit galleries and artists’ studios and spend a day feeding yourself with art. The good thing about being a small island is that everything is accessible: the places and, above all, the people. Having an artist in their studio or a gallery owner interpret their work in person turns a visit into a true experience, because you can move from being an observer to becoming a participant. This only happens in Minorca.

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Museums in Minorca


We are delighted to help you to get to know us

Because of its location in the Mediterranean, Minorca has always been a highly coveted island. Inhabited by ancient cultures and conquered by the Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans, Byzantines, Muslims, Turks, British and French, as well as visited by numerous migratory birds on their southward journey, each of these civilisations and species have left their legacy. This legacy is collected and reflected in the different museums of the island.
If you want to know why Minorca is the way it is and why we Minorcans are the way we are, take a walk through our history.

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Theatre in Minorca


Teatro principal de Mahón

In Mahon we have the oldest opera house in Spain. It was built in 1829 by the Italian architect Giovanni Palagi, taking advantage of the remains of the wall that surrounded the city. The design is that of a classic Italian theatre in the shape of a horseshoe, which gives it unbeatable acoustics. Pay it a visit or, better still, enjoy one of the performances there. It is possibly the most beautiful stage experience you’ll ever see in your life, among other things because you’ll be able to see the artists’ faces perfectly.

Archaeology in Minorca


Prehistoric Minorca

Getting to know our ancestral Minorca is a unique experience. Could it be the energy contained in the sites, could it be imagining how people lived 5000 years ago in these places that seem magical to us today? Visiting them together with experts who are passionate about their work, who dedicate their lives to excavating and unveiling the mysteries of our prehistory is, quite simply, exhilarating.

Talayotic Minorca

Archaeological Minorca

Festivals and shows in Minorca

Festivals and shows

Art, music and folklore

It is impossible to get bored in Minorca because there is always a ‘sarao’ in one of its towns or in several at once! In addition to the well-known patron saint festivals with their native breed of horses, we have film festivals, jazz festivals, flower festivals, art festivals etc. Consult the agenda and create your own ‘sarao route’.

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Festivals and shows

Art, music and folklore

Cinema in Minorca


Any day is a day at the movies

There are days when your head asks you to disconnect from the world and watch a film. And the best way to do that is undoubtedly at the cinema. What is great about the cinema in Minorca is that you can go there any day, on the spur of the moment and without wasting a lot of time deciding which cinema you go to, because there are only two and they are both in the centre. All you have to worry about is what film you would like to see. On warm summer nights it's especially nice. Ah! If you like opera, you can also go to the cinema to see opera.

Ocimax Mahon

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