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Wellness and relax

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Menorca, Mediterranean island combed by the‘ Tramontana’,
sea breeze which models both our nature.



Posidonia Treatment

Sea algae - Detox

The sea and its sea floor cocoon our body in a rocking rhythm.

The algae and sea muds add a huge range of minerals and trace-elements that rejuvenate the skin, eliminate toxins and provide a slimming effect.

(Exfoliation with sea salt and citrus, sea algae body wrap).

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Carob Treatment


The carob tree, called the tree of life, is like a hug of our ancestors who lived on the island.

The carob, very nutritious and antioxidant, due to its tannins and vitamins, nourishes and rejuvenates the skin, restoring its softness.

(Exfoliation with brown raw sugar and bergamot, carob flour and cocoa butter body wrap).

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Earth and wind

Uastre treatment


The inclined silhouettes of the wild olive trees are, since ancient times, a symbol of strength and survival.

Its fruits and leaves mixed with green clay are antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, favour healing and cleanse the organism. Indicated for traumatisms and rehabilitation of joints.

(Exfoliation with ground olive stones, organic virgin olive oil macerated with Menorcan rosemary, wild olive tree leaves and green clay body wrap).

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SUN Treatment‘Êl’,Phoenician god of the Sun

Aloe Vera and Calendula, Lavender, Camomille.

From all the flora that is burnt by the summer's sun nearly alone survives the Aloe Vera, magical plant due to its cosmetic properties, medicinal and nutritional. It protects and regenerates our skin exposed to solar radiation, it is anti-inflammatory and a natural healer.

(Soft exfoliationwith brown raw sugar, aloe vera mask and camomille oil from Menorca, hair mask made of aloe vera and moisturizing with calendula milk and lavender).

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