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Wellness and relax

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We will restore youth to your skin,
bliss will reflect on your face.




The benefits of olive trees and grapes, combined with marine alginates, act as a powerful antioxidant, ideal for minimising the ageing of the skin. A tribute to the Mediterranean goddess Tanit.

Cleansing with chamomile oil, exfoliation ground olive stones, manual facelift with vitis vinifera oil, lymphatic drainage, marine alginate mask with vitis and olive extract, moisturising with olive and grape cream, massage of the decoleté, neck and shoulders.

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Na Polida

Especially for dry, sensitive and devitalised skin

The delicate white and rose clays are an excellent base for our jasmine extract, rose petals and essential oils. They offer deep nourishment and regeneration to the skin, providing intense moisturisation and restoring a serene appearance to facial expressions.

Cleansing with chamomile oil, toning with rose hydrolate, gentle exfoliation with clay and jasmine extract and orange blossom hydrolate, intensive moisturisation.

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Especially for oily or combination skin

With its purifying effect, it helps to prevent premature ageing of the skin. The minerals and salts used in this treatment balance the excess of oils in the skin and eliminate impurities. Sanitja, a Roman port of which only a few stones remain, inspired this treatment that combines marine mud and green clay.

Cleansing and toning with chamomile and rockrose oil, exfoliation with grape seed, balancing massage with apricot oil and aromatherapy, marine mud mask with Helicrisum extract or green clay, personalised moisturisation.

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Ses Bruixes - Boutique Hotel - San Fernando 26 - 07702 - Mahón - Menorca

(+34) 971 363 166
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