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Wellness and relax

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Relax and revitalize your body, mind and soul.


Fogasses d'herbes (Herbal pockets)

Massage using warm cloth sachets filled with wild olive, rosemary and bay leaves. Bestowing anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects, this massage nourishes the skin and relaxes the spirit. Depending on the flowering seasons we are in, petals from different Minorcan flowers are added.

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Macs calents (Hot Stones)

Feel the power of hot stones and their ability to absorb any blocked energies. The application of oils through the stones releases stress, anxiety and bone and muscle pain, restoring balance to the nervous system and the circulation.

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The summum of relaxation. A massage that combines pressure and friction on the back, head, face and neck. Physical and energetic benefits for the central nervous system are highlighted, facilitating memory and concentration and reducing anxiety and negative stress.

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Foot reflexology

A sensory experience that acts on reflex points for the whole body located on the soles of the feet. Gentle, deep pressure massage that leaves you with a sense of overall well-being. The treatment includes a foot exfoliation with sea salt and aromatherapy to enhance its effect.

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Mother's special

Relaxing massage exclusively for pregnant women in their second trimester of gestation. Relieves leg pain, lower back pain or fatigue caused by weight gain, fluid retention and mitigates hormonal changes.

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Anti-celulite with wood therapy

Massage using fast and rhythmic movements. Facilitates the elimination of toxins by natural means and improves circulation. Combination of a manual technique using knees and wooden utensils which are specially designed to balance your energy while firming and toning your skin.

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Pack of 3 sessions - 30min 120€ | 45min 180€



Personalised massage. You can choose the body zone, intensity, aroma and time that you prefer.

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5 sessions voucher for 30min massage includes + 1 session free 225€

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Ses Bruixes - Boutique Hotel - San Fernando 26 - 07702 - Mahón - Menorca

(+34) 971 363 166
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